Quality Policy

CARPENTERIA CORSI S.r.l. Top Management:

  • has developed the Quality Policy
  • considers the quality and its improvement as priority and strategic elements for the achievement of the established objectives
  • adopts the present SGQ consistent with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, to manage the Organization
  • pursues the following aims:
    • to respect the Norms and laws requirements
    • to consider, in the daily activities, aspects related to environment, health and safety
    • to avoid and protect the employees, in the daily activities, from discriminations due to sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions
    • to avoid and protect the employees, in the daily activities, from any kind of harassment and/or retaliation
    • to fully and continuously satisfy the Clients’ requirements and needs
    • to take all the decisions on a risk-based thinking, considering both risks and opportunities
    • to continuously improve the managerial results (through the effectiveness costs reduction and the wastes reduction) and the effectiveness of the System, to rationalize the processes, in order to favor the simplification and the efficiency of the inside operations, standardizing the activities and their continuous improvement
    • to develop the inside resources, both as competences and awareness of the personnel about their involvement in the business objectives achievement and in the management of the SGQ, and as search of the best available and suitable technology
    • to involve the suppliers in the process of quality of the Company, maintaining with them a hold collaboration
  • commit itself in:
    • to activate and maintain the SGQ as means of Policy implementation and objectives achievement
    • to define the Organization chart, by specifying duties and relationships between functions, assigning authority and responsibility
    • to spread, clarify, make implementing and support the Quality Policy, by means of specific meeting
    • to plan the training of the personnel and assess its effectiveness
    • to implement actions to encourage the involvement of the personnel in the management of the SGQ
    • to assign resources, means and personnel adequate for the activities to be developed
    • to periodically re-examine the Quality Policy, the objectives and the effectiveness of the SGQ.


All the CARPENTERIA CORSI S.r.l. personnel knows the Company’s Quality Policy and the Quality System Management Manual, shares their contents and is committed in their implementation.





G. Corsi

General Manager